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Ms Bones Chapter 3: Everybody’s Dead…


Some of the Dead are in hate with the Living…

Ms Bones sees more than she lets on. And the conclusions she draws aren’t always recognisable as human.

There are therapists who say that having been dead for as long as she has, she is now literally incapable of empathising with the living. They describe her feelings as frozen, atrophied – nothing but the echo of the memory of emotion.

There are doctors who say that because she seems to be nothing more than a manic animated skeleton, with no flesh, brain or nervous system, there is literally no way that she can think or reason in any way that we can explain or recognise.

And there are victims who can argue that when she turns against you, she is unexpected and cruel and devastating, and always completely aware of the damage that she is doing. They say that she feels every strike, how else to describe that grin of hers?

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