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Trueloves Hide


Trueloves Hide is my current novel – a strange romantic comedy that visits some odd places. A jetsetting pervert, a witch with no sense of commitment and a dragon who looks like a man wind up marooned in a tiny, out of the way, village.

This is the village where they celebrate the flaying of a luckless stranger once a year, where everyone lives in fear of the local landlord, where a dark secret from the past keeps cresting the surface of what passes for their still waters.

Vendettas, genomes, silly crushes and the strangest ways of dying are all potholes along the way to a perfect second summer where everyone falls in love and some people get to live forever…

Explore the main characters, read the first words and get updates here…

…or buy the first half of the novel for Kindle via Amazon here. £2.01 for the UK, $3.05 in the US…

(c) Ian Bird 2013

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