mr carapace

stories, podcasts and binge thinking about this and that and where and when and witches…

Saint Kilda


Tales of the City meets Tales from the Crypt…

A raggedy, crooked old house down a strangled cul-de-sac in a forgettable borough of London.

Sliced and diced into bedsits and flats, owned by an absentee landlord and left to its own devices…

There’s Peter Castle, who hates his job with the Passion of the Christ; Charlotte Perse, who is being stalked by her imaginary friend; Rae Fledge, terrified she may have cancer of the virginity, beautiful Angel, lying large while lying low in the basement and crazy old Chiselrose, ruling all from the attic…

When Coral McNamara comes to join them, trailing her ghosts, no one will stand a chance – between April Fool’s and May Day, all the tenants quite reasonably go mad…

It’s a comedy and a farce, with dead people, sin eating and regret, but council tax is included and there is a garden…

(c) Ian Bird 2004

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