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Faces Falling


Benedict Arch was killed in a car crash… But he survived! His face was torn off, along with any self esteem, but enough of him crawled out of the wreckage to become a private detective.

But years later he learns that his face wasn’t destroyed in the crash, it was stolen by a conspiracy called the Viscerati…

He chases his face all the way to a bar in Morocco, run by a lunatic called Christian Smile… And what he does next attracts the attention of the Viscerati’s Martyrsmith, the lethal Handsome Jack Scratchman…

Handsome Jack and Benedict Arch orbit closer to their reckoning, threatening the Viscerati and everyone’s sanity…

If they’re lucky they may only die…

Faces Falling was my first novel, my attempt at a crazed metaphysical globe-trotting serial killer thriller romp, and it reads like I thought I had six months to live when I was writing it.

…which may be a bad thing and may be a good thing.

(c) Ian Bird 1998

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