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Oh look, he’s got an author page on Amazon, how artisinal

I am still working on the next draft of my new book The Boneditch Ladies, which is already being called “the least unpublishable thing he’s ever written”, but while I do that I have several short stories that you can find on Amazon hereabouts…


I’m also really lucky to say that a new short story of mine, You Can’t Say You Weren’t Warned, is featured in this new anthology by Burdizzo Books, Welcome To A Town Called Hell, available here:

I have written several other books that you can browse on this site…

7veilsart copy

The Seven Veils of Sam Haine is a detective story about a strange woman who can’t stop herself from picking, and how she stumbles on the world’s newest crime and her own most peculiar mystery…


Saint Kilda is my version of Tales of the City meets Tales from the Crypt – a household goes mad one month, as an alternative to getting over it all…

There’s more, but as discussed by Gilles Deleuze in the seminal essay Coldness and Cruelty, a masochistic personality is really rebelling against the torturer persona – amputating their super-ego and recasting it as an implausible object of punishing desire so that they don’t have to incorporate personal learning and development into their own personality, and, man, that’s just so nineties, you know…

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