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stories, podcasts and binge thinking about this and that and where and when and witches…

About Me

Hi! How are you?

My name is Ian Bird. I’m the product of four billion years of evolution and I’m roughly patterned after the traditional human template, entropy notwithstanding. I have about two square metres of skin, which I like to keep close, and two hundred and seven bones. Most humans have 206, but I like to keep a spare so that I have something to pick with people.

It’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon at the moment, and the wind is rushing clouds the size of mountain ranges across an infinitely blue sky. Territorial crows are mobbing buzzards, and the skeletal trees are starting to bud green and hopeful. The view from my attic is just lovely right now, and I hope you are somewhere pleasant as well.

Welcome to my website – my latest attempt to make my tawdry scratchings a little more al fresco. This site has updates on the novel I’m working on at the moment, The Boneditch Ladies, as well as bits and pieces from stories I’ve already written, like Trueloves Hide, or The Seven Veils of Sam Haine, and blogs about the last book or comic that I Just Finished Reading and wanted to rave about.

I’ve got a few podcasts dotted here and there, and links to places where you can buy my stories

There are random bouts of Binge Thinking, as well, and some pieces of travel writing, which I call Our Stray Liar, because God loves a pun. I’ve also got an occasional series about writers that I especially admire, called Poets Cornered. I am dallying with the hippie idea of only talking about things that I’m enthusiastic about, that I have really enjoyed, so mad cants and irritable rants probably won’t find a place here…

You can explore blurb and excerpts from novels I have already written as well (I have no pride) but I haven’t yet found a way to upload blurb and excerpts from novels that I haven’t yet written. I need an app or some piece of html code that’s beyond me at the moment, I expect. But I’ll keep looking and let you know how I get on.

Thanks for coming, enjoy your visit…

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Ian Bloody Bird. Was I drinking a Carlton Cold while you drank that Guinness? How are you? Where are you? I’m coming to London in the spring. We got old while we weren’t looking and now! And now! Here we are.

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