How Does Batman’s Mum Call Batman In For Dinner?


Oh, I’ve been looking forward to this…

Splendid people Rob Daniel (who you may find here and Rob Wallis (available at this location – have an enviable movie podcast where there wax enthusiastic about life at 24 frames a second, deviating only to pun mercilessly and make each other laugh.

Every now and again they let me into the fruit cellar beneath the old Victorian mansion that stands atop the seething motel of their movie nous and I get to play as well.

This time: Batman… It’s the tenth anniversary of Christopher Nolan’s amazing movie The Dark Knight, which is as good a reason as any to talk about the crippling passage of time and Gotham City’s fortunate son for more than four hours…

I hope you brought your Bat-Attention Spans, caped crusaders, because it’s time for the story of The Greatest Cape…

(Batman’s mum never calls Batman in for dinner. Batman’s mum is dead.)

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