Uncommon Sense And Sidereal Panic…

I just stumbled on this post again and remembered how much I loved reading these books… I’m halfway through a Lovecraft anthology at the moment – it’s always something eldritch with you, isn’t it?

mr carapace

We should not say improbable things, or things we do not know. We must see their real, and not their imagined, lives…

St Therese of Lisieux, the Patron Saint of Common Sense

Did you know that there is a patron sense of common sense? I was looking for the patron sense of Being Right, for a story, but it seems that St Therese might be the closest thing. She was canonised in 1925, and she also said “I love only simplicity. I have a horror of pretence.” Nice work if you can get it. Her father was a watchmaker and her mother made lace… the intricacy of the real world was clearly in her blood.

On the other hand…

I’ve been out of work for a few months, and been spending that time indulging in uncommon sense and sidereal panic, which is to say panic that you can chart in…

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