“There Is No Excellent Beauty That Hath Not Some Strangeness In The Proportion…”


My project for the first eight months of 2017 is to complete the first draft of a novel – Boneditch. It’s going to be a weird anthology of kitsch mysteries and eldritch secrets about someone who’s perfect in every sense…

I’ve taken my early notes and stories from the Tying Down Ms Bones series and turned them into something that will work a little better as a standalone novel: a mysterious and scary, weird and funny tapestry that tells the story of orphan Eliot Rent’s investigation into the enigmatic and infectious Boneditch phenomenon, that lurks in the darkness and can change you into something cosmic and true…

I want to create a Boneditch world, so I’ve put together a new website. With story excerpts, sketches, podcasts, diversions and updates, it’ll be a scrapbook that’ll keep me honest while I write the novel and fall deeper into the ditch…

For lots of reasons, and for lots of other people too, I think, 2016 felt like a long slog through something miserable and cruel towards a very short day in the dark. I want Boneditch to be my therapy, my alternative to that: something creative that I can add to every day, that will slowly build into something new. I genuinely believe that the more you open yourself to creativity, the more surprising ways you will find to express yourself. I recorded my first podcast today, and I’m even drawing for fun…

That’s my Boneditch message: out of something dark and claustrophobic we can be born in new and frightening but rewarding shapes. Like Poe said:

There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion…

You can find my bag of freshly flensed bones here, at www.boneditch.wordpress.com.

Thank you!


3 responses to ““There Is No Excellent Beauty That Hath Not Some Strangeness In The Proportion…”

  1. Nah, I’m going to hibernate for a few days and then pick holes in something I already wrote.
    Sorry, I mean I am going to take a well-earned break before editing a rested first draft…

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