Ms Bones – I promise I’m working…

I think it’s a good sign… I’m drafting the next three short stories in the Ms Bones series and have been bitten by the bug – spending lots of time planning and researching and exploring. These three, There Is Glamour In Her Cadaver, are going to strange places… A desert in the UK, a weird party, magical rituals and three very different love affairs.

Also trying to create a new major character, Stella Kind, or possibly Scarlett Cnid, who has a long and dangerous history with Ms Bones.

I’m having a lot of fun getting into the spirit of the thing, as well. It’s almost like exercise. I’m reading Carolyn Burke’s biography of the astonishing artist Lee Miller, who became a fashion model after Conde Nast saved her from being knocked down by a car, who then became the epitome of flapper glamour in New York before running off to be inspired by and in turn inspire Man Ray and the surrealists in Paris, who then escaped to the desert, who then became a war correspondent (that’s her with the forces liberating the death camps and posing in Hitler’s bathtub), who then…

I’m also learning about the Hitler Diaries scandal of 1983 and finding out how the world nearly ended that September… Stranger Things weren’t just happening in Indiana back then…

Also looking for a new job… I will debase myself for credits.


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