Me & Ms Bones…


Tying Down Ms Bones is my attempt at writing a fast-paced, fun and imaginative series of horror stories, which can occasionally be comedies, occasionally be just plain weird, occasionally be therapy sessions or pornographies or postcards or letters to Santa Claus.

My only goals are to keep them coming as fast as I can, hopefully to get better at doing them, and to make them as entertaining as possible.

To keep me honest, I’m publishing them here as soon as I finish them.

My rough and ready framing device is Ms Bones, also known as Helena Boneditch, who died at some point in the mid-eighteen hundreds and then went from strength to strength. Sometimes she’s a vagrant succubus, other times a globetrotting businesswoman, occasionally the spirit of vengeance and every now and again the friend you call on when you really need help.

I’ll keep publishing them to my blog, but I’ve also created a bookshelf for them here, and at the button at the top of my pages.

I hope you like them…



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